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Wilson Pediatric Therapy & Learning supports Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Educational Interventionists in their pediatric practice.  


Academic Services

Step 1:  Comprehensive Learning Evaluation

Without the right kind of assessment, you cannot determine the root cause of your struggle. We take pride in offering the most comprehensive assessment available in order to be intentional about our strategies for improvement. We provide you, as the parent, teacher, or administrator, data about the true cause of your student's educational gaps. Then, we are able to customize a plan of action based on informed, calculated data.  Our full treatment plan has 3 phases that have a defined regimen and measurable outcomes. 

"Where every child can learn"


Dyslexia Treatment

Phase 1:  Cognitive Intervention

Dyslexia is a language processing disorder. It is estimated that 1 in 5 students struggle with dyslexia. These students have a solid IQ (average to above average) and are the brightest in each classroom, yet struggle with reading and writing. Most think that dyslexia is simply transposing letters, but this is just one indicator. If your student is struggling with reading comprehension, adding or skipping words, demonstrating letter/number reversals and dislikes reading, chances are your bright student is struggling with dyslexia. The key to our success is to first address the underlying cognitive deficits to bolster the neurological system requirements for reading, writing and listening into speech and speaking. The purpose of our cognitive intervention is to establish stronger neurological pathway connections, produce significant changes quickly, and to ensure measurable cognitive improvements. Through fast-paced, fun activities, cognitive skills are developed in auditory and visual processing, working memory, processing speed, word attack, and logic and reasoning.  We are laying the foundation for success with reading, thinking, and writing. This short, intensive intervention changes lives!  

-Learn more about Interactive Metronome.

-Learn more about Cogmed.

Duration: Minimum of 90 single hour sessions divided into 4 sessions per week.  


Phase 2: Application

Now that the foundation has been laid, we are going to build the house! The next step after completing Brain Boost, is improving reading and listening comprehension, memory, oral vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing. Reading fluency and phonemic awareness are also targeted in this phase.

Duration: Minimum of 8 one hour sessions divided into 2 sessions per week.


Academic Intervention

Phase 3:  Academic Success

We are ready to put the roof on our new home! Now that our cognitive deficits are bolstered and neurological pathway connections are established, it's time to sail academically! During phase 3, your student will learn strategies to ensure academic success. Struggling in a specific area? We provide reading, writing and math intervention as well as critical thinking, organization, and test-taking strategies. Our academic intervention is tailored to the needs of each student and their learning preferences.

Duration: Single hour sessions divided  into 1 session per week. Number of weeks is individualized per student.

I cannot say enough about WPTLC! Not only do they have an amazing and caring staff, but they genuinely are invested in helping your children! My son attended dyslexia classes there for over a year and a half. Best choice and investment that we have ever made!
— Lisa